Hello, and Welcome.

I'm Judith and I believe that, no matter how difficult things are right now, you can recover a sense of connection and purpose, and experience healing, growth and renewal.


We sometimes struggle to understand how all of our experiences connect, shaping our view of ourselves and our lives. We want to feel better, but fear that we're missing a key ingredient that will make life richer, more meaningful.

In our fear, we hide our pain, experience relationship stress and numb our deepest desires—for connection, wholeness, purpose and much more. But if we are gentle with ourselves and practice curiosity, our pain and discomfort can help lead us to healing in body, mind and soul.


It is a privilege to work with you to understand your story and experience hope and healing. Sometimes that requires sitting in the dark—listening, honoring and sifting through stories to grieve what's lost. Other times, it means uncovering what's true and lovely so that a new story can be written about yourself, your relationships and your future. 

My practice is grounded in a deep curiosity about what it means to be human and fully alive. Living this way embraces both suffering and beauty, and it is a grace to hold the full weight of both with open hands.

I invite you to contact me to schedule an initial 20-minute consultation.

Integrative Mental Health Care

Individual psychotherapy for body, mind, heart and spirit that blends mental health interventions with meaningful skills to heal, grow and strengthen your relationship to yourself and others. This approach values your wellbeing as the goal, not treatment as the goal.

Wellness Coaching

I offer two different coaching packages, each designed to support your wellbeing. We’ll meet weekly or bi-weekly as we work together to strengthen your self-care practices.


Sustainable Self-Care

If you are struggling to create consistent habits, daily rhythms and networks of support, Sustainable Self-care was created for you. We’ll identify and create practices and skills to support your ability to bring your full self to your daily work.

​The Soul of Self-Care

If you have regular habits that are supporting your wellness, but desire to strengthen your connection to yourself and others, The Soul of Self-care is for you. Together, we’ll explore, define and implement an approach to self-care aligned with your values that infuses your life with a sense of meaning and purpose.


Not sure whether therapy or coaching is right for you? Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to learn more.


Let’s talk about how we can work together.